Burak Yeter

DJ & Producer

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DJ & Producer

RockzsolidMail: info@connection-records.com Biography The group started out when the three artists came with the idea to combine their talent and work as one with the same goal and blend this together in one act. “Give the world a whole new experience with their music and live show” Rockzsolid is an energetic live act with all…

DJ & Producer

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Ugur Oral

DJ & Producer

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Lewent Bayrak

DJ & Remixer

Lewent Bayrak Mail: info@connection-records.com Biography He is Dj and Remixer Born in 1982, Lewent Bayrak started to make music as an amateur in 2008. He performed in one the biggest clubs in Antalya Ceila, Alanya Hollywood, Germany Taksim Bochum, Mash, Penthouse Stuttgart and many more.. Etiam tincidunt Lorem ipsum dolor Glavrida for amet Unicos amos…